CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2019 to 31-10-2023) (65) 6567-9078



Attendance Requirements
All Student Pass Holders are required to maintain a record of 90% and above for each month. The college shall make a report to ICA if the monthly attendance percentage falls below 90%. Failure to achieve a minimum attendance of 90% each month may lead to cancellation of Student Pass or non-approval of an application to renew Student Pass.

Non-Student Pass Holders are required to maintain a record of 75% and above.

A student who is absent from class for seven consecutive days without valid reasons will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course. If the school has been unable to contact the student, the school may make a police report and cancel the Student Pass.

Absence Without Reason
This refers to students who are:

1. Absent from college without prior approval or consent from the college authorities.
2. Late for college for more than 20 minutes.

Medical Leave
Students who fall ill and are unable to attend classes will have to inform the college by phone before the class commences to apply for in-principle approved medical leave. Upon their recovery, students will have to produce the medical certificate by any licensed medical practitioners for the days of their absence. In the event that the number of days on the medical certificate is less than the number of days the student is absent, the difference will be marked as absent without valid reason.

Personal Leave
Students may apply for leave to attend important personal matters that cannot be re-scheduled to after-college hours, such as trips to ICA, medical check-ups, etc. All leave of this nature is to be applied 24 hours in advance and require approval system login from the Principal or member of the Management Team.

Hometown Leave
International students whose home country is outside Singapore may apply for Hometown Leave to attend to family matters. Hometown Leave is subjected to the approval of the Principal and has to be applied 14 days in advance. The Form Teacher has to ensure that the course material and course assignments are given to the student in advance for the student’s period of absence. All Hometown Leave will have to be submitted along with a photocopy of their air ticket for approval.

College fees
For all forms of leave, there will be no replacement lessons or refund of course fees for students.

Applying for Leave

1. Student completes the Student Leave Form obtainable from and submits to the Admin Officer.
2. For students below eighteen [18] years old; parent/guardian’s approval is sought by the school upon application of leave.
3. For leave applications that are more than four (4) days, without consideration of age, the Admin Officer shall call up the parent or guardian to seek confirmation.
4. Principal reviews the leave application and approves or disallows the application based on the reasons given. One factor that is considered would be the attendance record of the student.
5. In evaluating leave applications, Principal is inclined to disapprove applications or scrutinizes closely the reasons given when the student

  • has taken more than 14 days of Medical Leave over the duration of the course.
  • applies to take, in a month of studies, more than 2 days of personal leave to attend to personal matters.
  • applies for Hometown Leave where the no. of days applied for is more than 2 times the duration of the course in months, or the period exceeds 15 days.

6. The student will be informed of the outcome of the leave.
7. Student’s Form teacher shall be notified of any approved leave. The Admin Officer shall record the approved leave on the attendance sheet and the database.
8. The Principal’s decision is final for all student leave applications.