CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2019 to 31-10-2023) (65) 6567-9078



Attendance Requirement
•Students need to be regular and punctual for their daily classes.
•Note the attendance requirement and leave application guidelines below:
Student Pass holder: minimum attendance of 90% per month
Non Student Pass holders: minimum attendance of 75% per month
Absence must be supported by medical certificates and/or approved leave.
The school will inform Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) whenever a student’s attendance falls below the minimum requirement.
Students who absent themselves for 7 consecutive days will be liable to have their student pass cancelled.

Absentees, termination, and cancellation of student pass
A termination email and cancellation of student pass notice will be sent to the student registered email with the School, when failure to respond to absenteeism. 
1st absence 90%: **email sent to student and follow-up phone     call/counselling
2nd absence 90%: **2nd email sent to student and follow-up phone call /counselling
Attendance falls <90% : **Final reminder  and warning letter from the school sent by email/ Counselling.  Non-compliance student will face termination, and cancellation of student pass. ICA will be informed. 

Absence with Valid Reason

Medical Leave
•If unwell, call the school by phone before the class commences to apply for in-principle approval of medical leave.
•See a doctor.
•Produce a medical certificate upon return to school.
*The number of days on the medical certificate must reflect the number of days the student is absent. If the number of days taken > what is covered by the doctor, the difference = Absent without valid reason.

Personal Leave
•Complete a form to apply for leave to attend important personal matters that cannot be re-scheduled to after-school hours, such as trips to ICA, medical check-ups, etc.
•This must be done at least 1 day in advance.
•All leave of his nature require approval from the Principal.

Hometown Leave
•International students may apply for Hometown Leave to attend to family matters.
•Hometown Leave is subject to the approval of the Principal.
•All Hometown Leave forms will have to be submitted along with a photocopy of return air tickets, as well as any other relevant documents.
•The course materials and assignments will be given to the student in advance, for the student’s period of absence.

Absence without Reason
This refers to students who are absent from school without prior approval or consent from the College.
Continuous Absences
•Note that all students are required to attend class regularly.
•If you fail to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days, your Student Pass is liable to be cancelled with effect from the 8th day.
•The letter of cancellation will be sent to your place of residence as was registered with ICA and the school.
•*After the cancellation of your Student Pass, it is an offence to remain in Singapore under Section 15 of the Immigration Act, and you would be liable for prosecution.

Applying for Leave

Personal Leave
1.Get Leave Form from Administration officer or Front Desk.
2.Complete form.
3.Submit form (and relevant supporting documents) for approval at least 1day in advance.
4.Inform trainer/teacher ahead of time.
5.If leave is approved, school will inform.
6.Then proceed for leave.

Medical Leave
1.Consult a general practitioner or doctor.
2.Inform the school of your condition.
3.Submit the medical certificate upon return to school.

NOTE: There will be NO replacement lesson or refund of school fees during the period of leave.