CPE REG NO: 200908934N
(01-11-2019 to 31-10-2023) (65) 6567-9078

Student Discipline

Student Discipline

Disciplinary Committee
•The Disciplinary Committee is made up of the Principal and selected Management team members.
•During an enquiry session, the Principal shall explain the reason(s) for it, and ask the student concerned to respond to the matters related to either attendance or other disciplinary issue.
•The Disciplinary Committee shall then discuss the case, and put forth the recommendation to the Principal for his/her final approval.
•Upon approval, the Disciplinary Committee will issue a formal letter to the student, notifying him/her of the outcome.
•Appeals, if any, must be submitted within 3working days of receipt of letter to the Principal.
•Following which, this process would follow the College’s dispute resolution process.

Disciplinary Enquiry
If a student is suspected of committing an offense, the Principal may set up a Disciplinary Committee to investigate the matter and to recommend appropriate disciplinary measures. These measures may include the following:
•Issuance of warning letters
•Confiscation of items
•Reduction of marks or given zero mark for an assessment
•Cancellation of Student Pass and repatriation to the home country
*The offender may also have to pay for damages, liabilities or legal charges.

The college may decide to suspend the student in the following situations:
•Possession/consumption of prohibited product or drugs
•Forgery or cheating/cheating in test and/or examinations
•Physical or verbal abuse
•Misconduct related to abuse or misuse of school furniture or equipment
There is NO refund to the student for the course fees that are consumed during the period of suspension.

Cancellation of Student Pass /Termination
The college may decide to terminate the student in the following situations:

•Fighting, hooliganism and extortion
•Absent without valid reason for more than 7 consecutive days
•Wilful defiance of the School’s rules and regulations, after having received warning letter(s)
•Serious infringements of the laws of Singapore
There is NO refund of the course fees, whether consumed or otherwise if a student is expelled.