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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Airport Pick up and Familiarization Service (Chargeable)

Airport pick up service, which is chargeable, is available to international students who wish to study in our College and who wish to be met at the airport.

Familiarization services include:

1. Assistance with accommodation (Accommodation service is chargeable, please refer below)
2. Assistance with purchase of EZ Link Cards for transportation and familiarization of travel routes (EZ Link is bought by students)
3. Assistance with Phone Card or SIM Card purchases (Purchase of Cards is borne by students)
4. Familiarization with the amenities near the school and where the student stays (hawker centres, shopping malls,)
5. Assistance in Bank account Opening (Bank Charges borne by students and subjected to terms and conditions of the Bank)

Arrangement for Accommodation

To assist and help students who are unfamiliar with Singapore to find suitable accommodation according to their needs. The accommodation arrangements may include meals and clothes washing services. Charges for accommodation and related services are borne by the students.

Arrangement for Guardianship

Some international students may be living in Singapore alone without their parents. The school can assist such students, who are below 18 years of age, to make arrangements for guardianship. Guardianship service is usually provided together with provisions for accommodation.

Student Orientation Programme

The college provides an orientation programme for new students, to help them to know the college and its services and operations better. The orientation will cover many areas such as fee matters, college policies, procedures and rules, attendance requirements, leave application, etc.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

In Singapore secondary schools, CCA is treated seriously and all students are required to choose at least one core CCA. Primary schools also have many CCA activities, though it may not be compulsory for all.

Trinity International College also organizes CCA activities as a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence in our students.

Pastoral Counselling

The college provides basic pastoral counselling to help students deal with and manage personal challenges and difficulties. If problems are complicated, students may be referred to professional counselors in external agencies.

Teacher-Parent Meeting

The college organises Teachers-parents meeting to provide parents and/or guardians with feedback on students’ performance in college.

Academic Assistance to Students

Academic assistance may be provided to students who are weaker in their subjects in the form of free one-to-one coaching after lessons. If deemed necessary, additional lessons may be scheduled. These lessons are conducted after careful evaluation of the student’s progress, commitment and ability.

Higher Education Guidance

Guidance is provided to enable the students to have a better understanding of possible academic pathways after completing their studies in Trinity International College. This service may include advice on pathways after the ‘O’ levels (e.g. polytechnic or junior college, courses available, and admission requirements).

Tuition Referral Services

Upon request from students or parents or guardians, the College can provide tuition referral services for students who want more help with their subjects. The tutors may be teachers of the college and/or other external teachers who have been vetted by the College.

Exam Registration and Results Checking

For all external exams, the college will help the students to register for their examinations. Due notification will be given. The college can also assist in retrieving the examination results for the students.

Students Pass Application

Having a valid Student Pass allows an international student to remain in Singapore for a sufficient period of time to complete his course of study. The college will handle all documentation for the Student Pass application.

Visa Application for Student’s Parents

Depending on their nationality and length of stay, parents of international students may require a visa either to enter or to remain in Singapore beyond an initial period of time. The college can help the parents to apply for the visa.

Medical Insurance Coverage

The college provides medical insurance coverage for full-time students.
For more information about this, click here (See the last section of webpage)

Excursions and Field trips (Chargeable)

The college may organise excursions, field trips or other events to provide them with a more holistic education, develop social responsibility or contribute to community involvement. Students will be given advance notice of these events as and when organised.

On the academic calendar annually is Family Day, generally at the end of a term in October. This event is open to all teachers, students and their parents/guardians. These activities are partly paid by the college, with students paying only a subsidized rate. Parents/guardians and students have a choice as to whether or not they want to participate in these college events.